metabrolism - diets are numbers, and numbers don't lie

A Django portal, using Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL as backends, for managing your diets, trainings and progress log in a social way.

thesoftjaguar - a static jaguar is a silent jaguar

My static blog, created with Pelican. It includes Fabric support for easing development and deployment. Yes, is the code for the blog that you are currently browsing.



foodninja - listen to the ninja or that will be your last meal

A Flask application that recommends the best places where to eat based on your location. It uses Foursquare's API recommendations and some extra magic for avoiding going to the same restaurant. Connect your Foursquare account and it will get a place that suits all your needs!

thekraken - with dangerous releases

A set of Python scripts that check if your domains, machines, services and webpages are down, and sends a notification in that case.



sayit - or shut up forever

A task manager for your daily stand ups, using Redis as a backend. It is extremely simple, with a responsive design, nice with mobile devices.

howimetyourmedia - I promise you will meet it soon

Folder synchronization with Python using paramiko. It just downloads new content based on a timestamp offset, nothing more, nothing less.



jenkins-calling - you better answer the call

Android mobile application that receives push messages from a server (not included) through websockets, and displays Eduard Khil if the build failed, or Keyboard Cat if everything is OK.